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Coastal Electric of Georgia, Inc. Hits Grand Slam!

RobbiesBy Niel Dawson
Little did Robbie Adams, President/CEO and Robbie Jones, VP/CFO (aka, “the Robbies”) know, that in less than 3 short years their new electric company would go from 0 to $1.5M, to over $5M in sales!
Both had worked for a previous electrical contractor for over 15 years, but due to business circumstances, they found themselves no longer employed.   Robbie Adams said that “finding ourselves out of a job was the push we needed and probably the best thing that ever happened to us.”
The 300% growth has not been an easy task, but now have 24 employees, 14 trucks and will be moving into their new 10,000 square foot office and warehouse sometime in 2017.  When asked what got them where they are today, their responses were “hard work, long hours, determination and the IEC.”  In probing more how the IEC helped them, it was the network they have built with other contractors in the Savannah market.  Robbie Adams served on the IEC Georgia Board from 2010-13 and Robbie Jones is currently serving on the board.
Their growth has also come from both word-of-month and social media referrals.  They believe in treating both their customers and employees right.  Providing their employees with the right training and top notch tools such as Milwaukee (IEC Partner member) are several ingredients to making them successful.
As for the type of work, they do residential and commercial service, new restaurants, hotels and multi-family units in NC, SC and throughout Georgia.  During the recent hurricane, they worked long hours helping business and home owners get their power back.  And more importantly, their rates for service did not change from their normal rates when most others’ rates skyrocketed.  
Whether it’s a helping hand to a veteran or a discounted rate for the elderly, Coastal Electric of Georgia, Inc. has a heart that is growing steadily in the Savannah market.

Savannah’s Industry Mixer Brings Out Top Players and Possibilities

On November 3rd, at Spanky’s in Pooler, GA, Savannah 25 IEC electrical industry leaders converged for an evening of fun and food!   IEC contractors and industry partners came out to unwind and have a little shop-talk in a relaxing environment.  If free food and drinks weren’t enough, let’s throw in some raffle prizes and some luck, the environment is set for a great night! 

IEC is working with its partner members to provide opportunities to bring the industry together and build amazing relationships.   You will never know the possibilities that wait for your business, until you have a conversation that opens incredible opportunity.  Coming together for great nights and possibility is good for business!  IEC supports all things good for business.

Great nights like these work when sponsored by amazing partner members such as Legrand and Yancey Power Systems!   Thank you for your generous contributions!  

If you missed this one, be on the look-out for future industry social events.  We look forward to connecting!

IEC Georgia Replenishes Acquired Tri State Area with New Member, Siemens Electric, Inc.

Siemens Electric, Inc. is out of Carthage, Tennessee, and is IEC Georgia’s newest member to its recently acquired Tri-State area.  Established since January of 2013, Siemens specializes in commercial electrical work, and some residential and service as well.  Siemens expands its value by providing equipment rental.   If there is a need for scissor lifts to complete a job, Siemens is there to help complete projects. 

Upcoming contractor and Owner, Daniel Siemens is a passionate idealist, ready to take his vibrant business into directions only imagined.  He is gearing up for his skilled team by enlisting and preparing his workers with IEC’s online apprenticeship program, and stressing safety first.  This is passion and skill IEC can get behind. 

For more information on Siemens Electric, Inc., contact Daniel Siemens at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Siemens Electric, Inc.
Daniel Siemens
225 Third Avenue West
Carthage, TN 37030
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New IEC Georgia Contractor, Dan Moore Electric, Inc. Prepares for Growth in 2016

IEC Georgia welcomes Dan Moore Electric, Inc. as its newest contractor member.  Owned and operated by Daniel Moore, this company specializes in residential electrical work, and is prepared to handle commercial and service work as well.  Dan Moore Electric, Inc. is based in Fortson, GA and has over 30 years of electrical experience, guaranteeing quality work and a high level of expertise in this field.  Mr. Moore refers to his company as “honest and working to provide top customer satisfaction!” 

Mr. Moore comes to IEC Georgia for the business building benefits and top training.  In the near future he looks to grow his staff, with IEC’s apprenticeship program.  IEC creates a promising partnership with Dan Moore Electric to further the future of its organization and the strength of the electrical industry. 

For more information on Dan Moore Electric, contact Daniel Moore at 706-323-0333.

Dan Moore Electric, Inc.

Daniel W. Moore
4280 GA Highway 219
Fortson, GA 31808

IEC Georgia Announces Its Chapter Territory Expansion

Expansion r
IEC Georgia’s Board of Directors expand the vison and reach of the Georgia chapter to include 14 additional counties. The process began on June 5th when the Board advised that the Tri-State IEC had dissolved.  After review and consideration of the chapter resources, it was determined that taking on all but a few counties in Alabama of the old Tri-State would be a good move for the chapter.  Then a request for chapter territory expansion was submitted to the National Membership Committee.  Finally we received unanimous approval from the IEC National Board of Directors at its board meeting on October 24th.  
IEC Georgia is comprised of 132 counties, now including the 9 counties from the old Tri-State chapter in Georgia and 5 from the old Tri-State chapter in Tennessee.  The Tri-State chapter was dissolved earlier this year, leaving a void in its area.  IEC Georgia has the resources to serve the previously abandon territory, and is prepared to provide the exceptional benefits IEC has to offer.   IEC provides online and onsite apprenticeship program, association and industry communication, government affairs updates, management education, manpower assistance, networking,  safety tools and resources, and membership growth incentives.  The Georgia Chapter travels to provide safety, code and other pertinent training to contractors in its jurisdiction.  The embrace of the 14 additional counties will increase IEC’s span and the impact of creating the best apprentices in the industry.
The new counties included are; Catoosa, Chattanooga, Dade, Fanin, Gilmer, Gordon, Murray, Walker, Whitefield in Georgia, and Bradley, Hamilton, Marion, Polk and Squatchi in Tennessee.  To the potential contractor members and potential partner members in the new counties, IEC’s doors are open and ready to serve.