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Georgia Chapter operates the apprenticeship program in accordance with the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship Standards.  The two main program requirements are:  minimum of 576 hours of classroom training and 8,000 hours (up to 4 years) of on the job training (OJT).  When both of these requirements are met a certification of Journeyperson Electrician is issued to the apprentice and they are offically recognized as an electrician in all 50 states.

IEC allows direct transfers in and out of the Georgia program to and from any other IEC cerfified program.  There are nearly 10,000 registered IEC apprentices in over 40 training locations nationwide.  IEC also allows apprentices from non-IEC programs to enter the program at advanced levels based upon a testing process for classroom placement.  OJT hours are accepted from a documented training program.

The apprenticeship program is offered onsite in Columbus, Savannah, and Atlanta; as well as  online (or distance learning) for those whom need to travel for work or are not closed enough to a physical location.  Both of these programs receive journeyman certification.     

How to apply to the IEC Georgia Apprenticeship Program
1.  Make application online only at  Go to Training/Events tab, then to Apprenticeship and finally Apprenticeship Application.  Complete application and it will be active for 61 days.

2.  Connect with an IEC Contractor in your area for employment.  You can find this list at under Membership and Members by Area. 

3.  Once employed by an IEC member, contact our office to have your file updated to apprentice status.

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  *Online Classes Statewide and Throughout the Southeast  *Onsite Classes in Columbus and Atlanta


Georgia Chapter's Electrical Training Program is recognized by and registered with the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.  Over the 30 years that the Electrical Apprenticeship Program has been registered, we have turned-out 100's of journeyman electricians.  The certification is recognized in all 50 states, far surpasing any other certification for a jourmenyman electrician.  Click on the logo to the left to visit the offical DOL website for apprenticeship.



The American Council on Education grants up to 37 hours of college credit for any apprentice whom completes the Georgia Chapter IEC Apprenticeship Program.  These hours may be transferred to any technical collge or university that accepts ACE accreditation.  The IEC curriculum is regularly reviewed by ACE to meet its high standards of accreditation.  To determine what schools accept ACE credits and learn more about the process, click on the link to the left.


The Department of Veteran's Affairs recognizes Georgia Chapter IEC's Apprenticeship Program, therefore allowing verterans to receive their veteran's benefits for those whom are eligible.  To find out more about the VA Program, click on the logo to the left.







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